Tarteist PRO Amazonian Clay Palette

I’m kinda sad to be wrapping up April. I love the first days of spring, when the weather’s warm and you can feel summer coming. It’s a season of anticipation — and I love that.

Of course, it’s also my birthday month. Wouldn’t want to forget about that.

But seriously, I ushered in my late-twenties earlier this month, and — surprisingly — I’m not that sad about it. I’m ready for whatever this new year has to throw at me.

Wouldn’t want to get too sentimental, though: birthday month means gifts. Makeup gifts.

Oh, boy.

And, while I’m late to the party on the Tarteist PRO Amazonian Clay Palette, I am so glad this beautiful thang was included in this year’s gift haul.

front of tarteist pro


Tarteist PRO is creamy, pigmented, and — importantly — wearable. It includes 16 matte shades and four “duochrome” (read: shimmers) in colors from burnt orange to cool plum and everything in between.

The abridged version of this review? Tarteist PRO might just be my new go-to travel palette. It’s a little pricey at $53, but it’s comparable with other higher-end products — plus, you get a lot for your money.

The best thing about these shadows is that they perform. Choose from any of the crease shadows — like “Profesh” or “Fierce” — grab your nearest fluffy brush, and you’ve got an effortless, blended look in minutes. I’ve had shadows that are wonky and hard to work with — these are not.

And, you can create a totally neutral eye look (I’m looking at you, bottom row), or go out of the box and play with color — all without having to leave the comfort of your palette. I especially loved trying out Mod, a bright cherry color that’s a real “wow” factor all over the lid, or blended with one of your favorite shimmer shades.

tarteist pro

What’s the downside?

I love the duochrome shadows in this palette, but I love them a little less than some of the others I have in my collection. If I want to really emphasize my inner corners, I might reach for Kat Von D’s Metal Matte, or even my tried-and-true Too Faced Chocolate Bar.

It’s not that they’re bad, necessarily — I’m wearing the champagne shade, “Glam,” on my inner corners as I type — it’s just that they’re a little tougher to work with than the mattes in this palette. The shimmers feel a little less creamy, and blend on just a little bit less easily. But, if you have a good set of brushes and a few minutes, they’ll still work. It just takes a lil’ more time.

I’ll also say that the shade “Trendy” — listed as a “prismatic teal” — wasn’t happening for me at all, which is a total, total bummer, because I wanted to love it. I’m super-pale, though, and part of the reason it threw me off is because it looks brighter in the pan than it did on my lids.

duochrome shadows

No big worries, though: with this palette, I had 19 other shades to choose from.

Bottom line?

If you’re looking for some mattes to round out your collection, or for a great on-the-go palette, look no further than Tarteist PRO. I may have been late to this jam, but it’s still one I wanna dance to.

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