#SecretWeaponSaturday: Drugstore Moisturizer

When I was a teenager, I wish my mama had told me how important it was to wash your face. ‘Cause I hardly ever did. Gross, I know.

And – despite this gnarly fact – the skin gods screwed up. My name must have somehow dropped off their list of people who should break out. Sure, I got a stray pimple here or there, but I could cover it up and move on with my life.

Fast-forward ten plus years: I’m face-washing consistently. Toning. Serum-ing. Moisturizing. (All with pretty quality products, I might add.)

And then: bam. Skin karma strikes, in adult acne form.

I guess I should be thankful I avoided the pimple plague for so long, but dealing with blemishes in your late twenties really sucks, especially when your skin is starting to show other signs of aging.

I tried to mix up my skin care regimen, little by little – I swapped out one cleanser for another, while otherwise keeping the same products. That didn’t work. Didn’t seem like my toner was the problem, either. Or my beloved Vitamin C serum.

Then, it came time to address the final step of my skincare schedule: moisturizer.

I’d actually been using two different moisturizers for a few months prior to breakout-gate – one for morning, and one for evening. For the sake of my super-scientific skin experimentation, I opted to streamline that, using just one product, twice a day.

I first tried a bunch of sample moisturizers I’d picked up along the way – from Sephora, ULTA, and my monthly ipsy bag. It was a no go – even though some of those products were from high-end brands.

So I desperately stumbled into my nearest Rite Aid, hoping to find the solution in the skincare aisle. It was a Hail Mary, I know.

But it worked.

Enter Aveeno Positively Radiant Moisturizer. Clinically proven to even tone and texture – it even says so, right on the bottle.

Seriously, though, this bad boy is the definition of a holy grail product. When I started using this moisturizer, my skincare problems radically diminished. My skin actually looked clearer, brighter, and more refreshed. Yeah, I have the occasional blemish – but it’s nothing like the crazy and consistent breakouts I was getting prior to using this product.

Positively Radiant is lightweight – I wear it under makeup almost every day. Like I said, I’ve tested a bunch of moisturizers, and there’s nothing worse than putting some greasy, pore-clogging shellac on top of a newly-cleaned face. This leaves you with a just-washed, super-clean feeling. It also has SPF 15 in it – bonus!

If there’s one downside to this moisturizer – and I wouldn’t call it a downside, necessarily – it’s the interesting smell. It’s not a bad smell by any means, but I can’t quite place my finger on it – some mornings, I think the scent is some kinda savory food product. In the world of moisturizers that smell like cotton candy and sunshine, it’s certainly unexpected to be hit with something different, but – since it doesn’t take away from how awesome this product is, I’ll happily live with it.

A 4 oz. bottle cost me about $15 dollars at my local Rite Aid, which is a far cry from the much-pricier-and-less-effective moisturizer that I had been using. You can get it for $16.99 at, if it’s more expensive in your neighborhood.

Seriously, if you’re experiencing some weird skin changes — acne, or differences in tone or texture — this product is must-try.

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