Three Favorites: Purple Lipsticks

Happy Easter!

Last week, I wrote about why I wear purple lipstick. The short version? It gives me confidence. It brings back the fun in doing makeup.

But purple lipstick doesn’t just make for a good metaphor – it makes for the ultimate companion to any spring makeup look.

Today, I’m talkin’ my three favorite purple lippies – just in time for spring to be sprung.

Jawbreaker (Too Faced)

Oh, Jawbreaker. You walked into Too Faced’s spring collection and stole my heart.

This beautiful, bright purple pulls a little pink on me (and my other pale-skinned pals who’ve tried it), so it’s actually pretty wearable with some neutral eyeshadow, or a simple winged liner.

The thing I love most about this color is that it’s nothing like what I have in my collection. I can’t tell you how many times I scanned the aisles at the nearest makeup depot (whether ULTA, Sephora, or drugstore), picked out a “pinky nude” lipstick, only to find that I already (basically) owned that same shade. There are subtle differences, yeah, but nothing that really justified my purchase.

There’ll be no duplications, and no regrets, with Jawbreaker. I just love this color.

I own three other Melted Matte lipsticks, and their formulation is consistently awesome. I haven’t had any patchiness, and the applicator makes it a dream to put on – even sans liner.

L.U.V. (Kat Von D)


What is L.U.V.? It’s not a plum, exactly, but it’s certainly darker than Jawbreaker. And more “raspberry-toned.” (If that’s a thing.)

Is it a fuchsia? What is fuchsia?

Kat Von D bills this bad boy as a “rich violet,” so let’s go with that.

My ability (or lack thereof) to properly identify color aside, L.U.V is awesome – and I think it’s that uncertainty that makes it so cool. Again – just like Jawbreaker – you probably don’t have anything like this in your collection. Every time I’ve worn L.U.V. – I thought it was a great color for March and even February, since it is a little darker – someone has asked me about it.

If you’re not trying to draw attention to yourself, or to your lipstick, L.U.V. might not be the color for you – but if compliments are your jam, I’d highly recommend it.

yaassss (Tarte)


Before I blab on about how pretty this color is, can we talk about the names of Tarte products for a sec? The people who market and create matte lip paints – and all Tarte goodies – are geniuses. Of course, we’ve got the star of today’s show, “yaassss,” but we’ve also got “fomo” (deep mauve), “frenemy” (berry), and “adorbs” (hot pink) – just to name a few.

According to an unofficial survey done by me, for me, people are more 100 percent likely to talk about their lipstick shade if it has an awesome name.* (*Unofficial results.)

Anyway, to the color: it’s a beautiful, bright lavender. Yaassss is more of a true purple than Jawbreaker, its closest color counterpart in my collection. The texture’s also a bit different. Tarte bills their creamy matte lip paints as “moussey,” which is a perfectly perf description. It’s super-comfortable on the lips, and won’t leave you out to dry.

While “yaassss” is beautiful and lovely and eye-catching, it comes with a disclaimer: it transfers more easily than either of the other two. So, if you’re heading to happy hour and plan to order a drink – or four – you might want to avoid “yaassss,” or prepare to reapply.



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