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Dermalogica PreCleanse Dupe

Last night, I went in to take off my makeup — no biggie, right?

Except… it’s allergy season.

Mascara had found its way to my cheeks. Bronzer had migrated onto my nose. Foundation was mysteriously MIA from my chin and forehead.

Itchy and watery eyes, incessant sneezing — they’d left me the definition of a “hot mess.”

On days like yesterday — and every day — I find it super-important to “precleanse,” or use a cleansing oil before diving in with my regular cleanser. Some people call this the “two cleansing method,” but I just call it it smart for your skin.

Why use a cleansing oil?

Cleansing oils, like Dermalogica’s PreCleanse, remove the initial layer of dirt and makeup — so your skin is ready to rock and roll once you hit it with cleanser. This way, the cleanser is doing what it’s meant to do — cleanse the skin, duh — rather than rubbing around makeup and all the other gunk that settles on your face during the day.

I discovered the power of cleansing oils at — where else? — ULTA, during a Dermalogica sale a few months ago. The associate told me about their current promo: if I bought a certain amount of Dermalogica product, I’d get a free sample kit — a deal I obviously didn’t pass up.

I bought and love the brand’s PreCleanse, which retails for $42 for 5.1 ounces. It does an awesome job of removing all of your makeup before you reach for Purity, or whatever cleanser is your go-to.

In fact, I loved PreCleanse so much that I reupped on the product during a recent points multiplier event. It’s a great product, don’t get me wrong — but when my bottle was empty again, I wondered if there wasn’t a cheaper alternative out there.

burts bees cleansing oil

What product should I use?

Enter Burt’s Bees Nourishing Cleansing Oil — a cheap alternative that I picked up at my local drugstore.

This product does the exact same job as Dermalogica’s oil, but at a fraction of the price — it clocks in at $16.99 for 6 ounces, which is more than you get in a bottle of the pricey alternative. It leaves your face fully prepped for products to follow, without leaving a greasy residue that prevents cleanser from penetrating your skin in the first place.

This may just be a personal preference, but I actually like the smell of Burt’s Bees cleansing oil a little bit better — that might be the addition of coconut and argan oils to this product, but, whatever it is, I’m not complaining.

How does cleaning oil work?

To use this product — or any cleansing oil — simply put a couple pumps of the oil into your palms and rub it onto your skin. Then, run your hands under the sink, and rub your newly-damp hands over your face again, to emulsify. Voila!

Once you rinse, you’ll be almost completely makeup-free and ready to dive in with the next step of your skincare routine. Some gals I know don’t even use cleanser after they oil (totally a word) — whatever floats your boat!

If you’re thinking of trying a precleansing oil, but are wary of the price tag of some higher-end products, look no further than Burt’s Bees. You won’t be disappointed.


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