Boxaholic: Monthly ipsy Review

Could this month’s ipsy bag be any cuter?

I’m feeling like this is a ticket to my new summertime beauty routine — and I’m not mad about it.

ipsy goodies

Here’s what I got this month:


colourpop liner in "show me"


love trying new liner colors, but can rarely justify the price tag when I’m cruising the makeup aisles — so, needless to say, I was stoked to pull this out of my bag. “Show Me” is a beautiful, true copper color that glides on super-easily. I’ve paired it with some neutral/brown shades, smudging it on my lower lash line.

While I love this colo(u)r, I felt just a little bit duped. The box that “Show Me” arrives in has a turquoise exterior — and I thought the color inside would match! I’ve never gotten Colourpop liners before — only shadows and lippies — but I’m pretty sure that the packaging matches the products. (Why wouldn’t it?)

While I love a copper liner, I’d have probably loved it more if I hadn’t gotten my hopes up for a turquoise one. Either way, I’ve been digging the product — and the color is especially timely, with dewy, glowy makeup looks #trending everywhere.


lisa frank brush

Oh, this beauty was almost too perfect to touch. Almost.

As a ’90s kid, you can imagine my squeal when I unzipped this month’s ipsy.

This. brush. is. everything.

Psychedelic design aside, the brush — and its oh-so-soft bristles — actually does its job. I’ve been pairing this with my Too Faced Chocolate Soleil or Hoola Bronzers, to give me a quick, soft contour on the fly.

Looks like these bad boys aren’t for sale just yet — but parent company Glamour Dolls did raise more than $370,000 to collab with the legendary designer. They’re taking pre-orders and shipping some brushes this summer, with more coming this fall — I’d scoop them up if you can.

As for me, I think I’ll bring this on my next girls’ trip. It’ll definitely make your friends jealous.


h2o cleanser

I’m admittedly wary of skincare products in my ipsy bag, since I’ve recently developed a pretty religious cleansing, toning, and moisturizing routine.

But I always, always test products out — and I keep the best ones in my closet for travel, sharing with my hubby, or as emergency back-ups. (I’m not the only one who forgets to buy face wash ’til it’s too late — am I?)

H2O+ Beauty’s Elements Keep it Fresh Face Cleanser is a definite closet-keeper. It’s specifically designed for normal to dry skin — which is perfect for me, since I suffer from dryness almost year-round. (Companies are kind to me in the winter, when I have soul sisters in dryness — but, once summer rolls around, I’m lost in a sea of oil-reducing products that I just can’t use!)

This cleanser left my face feeling clean and fresh — without the drying feeling that too many products leave behind. While I’m sticking with Purity for my everyday cleansing needs, I’ll throw this in my bag for a long weekend at the beach.


dry shampoo

I’m a dry-shampoo-oholic, so I have pretty high standards for my products. And this product wasn’t bad, per say, but it didn’t leave me feeling like I could go more than a day without washing.

To compare, I use Batiste dry shampoo on the daily, and I can usually — and comfortably — go three or four days without good ol’ regular shampoo. Batiste leaves behind a little bit of white residue on my dark hair, but it’s usually gone after ten or so minutes — I’m just sure to spray it a few minutes before I head out the door.

Luseta’s shampoo didn’t leave any of that residue, which was awesome. But it didn’t do a particularly good job drying out the oils from my hair — which was not so awesome.

With Luseta’s product retailing for $16, and Batiste’s for $7.99, I’ll probably pass on this in the future.


define & inspire nail polish

I never know why, but my nails chip in about 30 seconds. You’d think I was a construction worker.

So, despite seeing the beautiful aqua color in the bottle, I didn’t have high hopes for this product. Even my Essie nail polishes — with top and base coats — chip in a day or so.

But this color — to my surprise — didn’t.

Defy & Inspire’s Paradise Island shade is a hard-to-put-your-finger-on pastel blue/green that garnered a ton of attention — and compliments — from friends and strangers alike.

The best part? I painted my nails on Friday, thinking that there’d be no way they’d still be intact for Easter festivities. Five days later, they’re still going strong.

That’s probably no accomplishment for other people, but it’s my personal world record.

Seriously, I’m about to hire a skywriter.



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